I’m still here!

Hello friends! Long time no speak. Oh my word, life has been crazy. Like, so crazy that I’m pooped and ready for bed by like 8 p.m. (sad, right!?) The intent to jump on here and share is always there but then I climb into bed and I’m OUT.

Can we take a minute to talk about how March is already over? Where did the month even go? Normally we host Easter dinner but this year my mother-in-law invited us over to their house for dinner and I’m not even mad about it. She’s a great cook, we get homemade waffles & ice cream for dessert and there’s no mess in my kitchen. YES PLEASE. Easter was huge in my house growing up. We’d attend Sunday Mass and then have an egg hunt and get huge baskets filled with all kinds of toys and goodies. It’s different now as an adult when you actually understand the importance of Easter Sunday but I love the idea of balance and celebrating both the meaning of Easter and sprinkling in some Easter Bunny fun.

I can’t wait to make some kick-ass baskets when we have kids. Until then, I’ve decided to make a basket for my in-laws. So far I’ve got some trail mix in there, a bottle of wine, and chocolate eggs. I plan on baking some cookies on Saturday and wrapping them up so they get a mix of a little sweet, a little salty, and a lot of love! I found this cookie recipe over at Averie Cooks and I think it’s perfect because she uses the pastel M&M’s that are out right now and they’re just so cute! They’re going to look adorable in the basket. I can’t wait. Not going to lie, I’ll probably make 2 batches because the husband will lose it if I make his parents cookies and leave him nothing…plus I love me some late night cookies too. Link to the recipe is posted below if you’re interested. I’ll probably add some semi-sweet chocolate chips to go along with the M&M’s because you can never have too much chocolate in my opinion.


Soft and Chewy M&Ms Cookies

Tomorrow is the hubby’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO! We’re going to have dinner over at City Walk and then see Chris D’Elia at the Hard Rock. I also hope to stop into the Voodoo Doughnut that just opened there. I’m nervous though because I read some comments that there was a 45 minute wait and as much as I love donuts, I just don’t know if I love them enough to wait 45 minutes. Sidenote: I never know if it’s donut or doughnut? It’s kind of like gray and grey for me? Anyway, if we happen to get in, I’ll take all the pictures and post a review asap. Have you guys ever had their donuts? Worth it?

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and if you celebrate, Happy Easter! Talk soon!


Date Night @ Disney Springs

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a nice weekend. Some of you may have had a 3-day weekend and are just now mentally preparing yourselves to go back to school or work. Lucky! I wish I had an extra day to enjoy but it was back to the grind for me. I just wanted to check-in real quick and give you all an update on The Edison @ Disney Springs like I promised.

Overall, I’d say we enjoyed it. Will we be rushing back? Probably not. If you haven’t been to the new Disney Springs area (formerly Downtown Disney) it is absolutely gorgeous. The building designs, new waterfront areas, and addition of shops really makes it a nice place to spend a few hours. The two new parking garages also make it way easier to get in and get out. If you visited in the past, you may remember parking being a total nightmare on some days. No mas! Now you have the choice of surface parking, the Lime Garage, or the Orange Garage. So much easier (and quicker) to find a spot.

Any who, back to The Edison, when we initially called to make a reservation there was nothing available except earlier time slots. We grabbed the latest one they had (4:30 p.m.) and decided we’d just walk around after and burn off some of the food. What we didn’t know was that dinner didn’t start until 5:00 p.m. so we were given the lunch menu to order off of. I was bummed because I had peeked at the menu online and was looking forward to trying the Morimoto ribs. Our waitress was nice though and suggested we order some drinks and hang out and she could switch our menus once it hit 5 o’clock. So we did!

We ordered a round of drinks and the Hawkers’ Box of Balls. The box of balls was a box of 6 meatballs that had a nice kick at the end – I think it’s the harissa that gives it the spice – and they were served with a mint yogurt dipping sauce. It was a nice balance and we thought it was a good portion to split between the two of us as a starter. For drinks, I ordered a “Mistress” which consisted of stoli elit vodka, amaro montenegro, lemon, pomegranate, and domaine chandon. The waitress said it was one of their stronger drinks but I didn’t think so. It was tasty though and not overly sweet. My hubby ordered “The Edison” which was woodford reserve bourbon, pear brandy, lemon, and honey. It’s their signature drink and although good, not worth it in our opinion. We were kind of shocked when the drinks came and saw how small his was. I want to say it was maybe a three finger pour? I’m not saying you need to fill the glass to the brim or anything but for $14 a drink, I would hope it’d look more like an adult beverage and less like a shot. Those are Disney prices for you though…I guess you’re paying for the experience?

The food was very good and they were decent portions in my opinion. My husband got The Edison burger and it was pretty big. It was cooked medium rare and had good flavor. I ordered the Morimoto Ribs. They did not come with a side so that sucked for $28 but I think there were about 7-8 ribs on the plate so a decent amount for one person. I would think if you’re not starving, you could order the ribs and a side and share between two people. Like I said, it was a good meal but it wasn’t anything to write home about. There are so many food options at Disney Springs right now (and more on the way) that I think we’ll probably continue to check others off our list. This wouldn’t be a priority to go back to anytime soon.

I did want to mention how similar The Edison and the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium over at Universal Studios City Walk are. It was almost as if Disney was trying to make their version of Toothsome. They’re both Steampunk themed, both two stories, and both have characters dressed in the Steampunk attire walking around mingling with the guests. The Edison gets kudos because they take reservations, Toothsome does not (read: ridiculous wait times) but Toothsome has a wider food selection as far as apps, entrees, and dessert goes.  They both have great views. If you sit out back of The Edison you have a beautiful view of the water. I saw that they have heaters out there too for the winter time. If you sit on the second floor of Toothsome you have a great view overlooking City Walk and some of the roller coasters. They’re both worth trying at least once for the experience. Just some food for thought…get it?…because we’re talking about food? Yeah, I’ll stop. Don’t judge me. Good night everyone!